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Green Cold Press & Food Research started off in 2005 as a research group to address the basic issue of human health in today’s context. Our purpose is to align the truth of health and wellness towards the way we were made to function optimally. To nourish and support the body with adequate nutrition and resources to ensure that it is able to keep us alive and well, independent on pharmaceuticals or multivitamins. We believe that good health comes with a change in mindset and lifestyle. We need to take charge of our bodies as each one of us is unique. Only we know ourselves best. Good health comes when one takes the first step to eat right, exercise and stop abusing one’s body.

Here at Green Juice, we want you to have the healthiest juice on Earth. That’s why we use 100% real fruits which are specially cleaned, no concentrated knick-knacks, no extra sugar added and no heat applied, just pure delicious ingredients cold-pressed which are then passed through our CoolJuice technology, packed and refrigerated immediately, making our juices jam-packed with healthy nutrients and tasting much better than your ordinary juice!

Being healthy is not all, we also want you to enjoy delicious flavours. We’ve perfected our recipes so they are healthy but also super delicious. In the end, vitamins are no use if they taste like pills! We’ve done all the research and hard work, so you can just sit back and enjoy all the vital vitamins deliciously!


1. For Drinking Cups/ Mugs

  • Fill up 250ml (1 Cup) drinking water into a drinking cup
  • Add 1 sachet of Green Powder/ Herbal / Electrolyte Powder
  • Stir and mix well for 10 seconds

2. For Shaker Bottles

  • Fill up 500ml (2 Cup) drinking water into a Shaker Bottle
  • Add 2 sachets of Green Powder/ Herbal / Electrolyte Powder
  • Screw the lid and cap on tightly, Shake hard for
    10 seconds

Helpful Tips:

  • Too thick? Add more water
  • Too thin? Use less next time
  • Try milk (dairy or plant based) instead of water for a creamier end result
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