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KAF Equipment Singapore started as a humble trading company in 1987, with a core business dealing in good quality reconditioned earthmoving machinery, spare parts and other industrial and civil engineering project requirements.

Over the years, our company has branched into supplying various grades of bitumen and road building, and upgrading machinery. We have also developed a niche expertise in meeting the special requirements of our customers in the Pacific. We are intimately aware of the geographical, economic and political constraints of the region we serve. At the same time, we have learnt many invaluable lessons from working closely with large shipping agencies plying the area. These exposures have translated into cost efficiency and distinct price advantages for the direct benefit of our customers.

As a seasoned ship chaterer and owner-operator, we have positioned our services to cater to the one-stop, diverse needs of our clients.



Singapore is currently the world’s largest port in shipping tonnage.  Its container port is world second – handling 11 million TEUS in 1996. (20 footer containers). With good infrastructure, we are in very good position to supply our customers ANYWHERE, ANYTIME. Ship chartering for delivery of PROJECT cargo. We have many years of working experiences to ensure on time delivery to places not service d by regular shipping lines. All equipment large or small receive our personal attention, right up to delivery on board vessel.


  1. Earthmoving Equipment

  2. Cationic Bitumen Emulsion. Cutback. Roading Machinery

  3. Concrete Equipment and Plant

  4. Quarry Crushing Plant

  5. Foundation Equipment

  6. Spare Parts

The scope of business of KAF Equipment Singapore has been gradually extended to include the following: –

  • Steel Supplies and Steel Structures

  • Environmental Engineering

  • Marine Consultancy

  • Tug & Barge Charter


KAF Equipment Singapore Pte Ltd, the name and people behind earthmoving equipment and related spares for roading, mining and construction industries. Directly sourced and checked by our agents worldwide for reliability, giving you the confidence in meeting work specifications and deadlines.

An intimate relationship with our customers in the Asia Pacific allows our expertise in sourcing quality equipment and back up parts form around the world to let our customers have peace of mind to do what they do best.

We provide an indispensable partnership to our Multi-National clientele for all their machine procurement needs; with door to door delivery to job sites anywhere. Our experience working in the context of third world economies gives us an in-depth and complete understanding of your machinery needs.


We are a wholesaler and distributor of all types of building materials, bitumen and roading equipment, earthmoving and civil engineering project resourcing, and all related spare parts- whether genuine or good quality replacement. We also act as shipping and insurance agents- for truly one stop resourcing and logistics centre for the convenience and peace of mind of our customers. We welcome all enquires, big or small- assuring you of the fastest turnaround time and best service always!

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